With the warmer weather approaching, there are a few items we would like to remind citizens:


1)  Please use additional caution when driving on city streets and be respectful of pedestrians walking, etc.   


2)  Keep yards clean and free of debris


3)  Lawns are to be mowed and kept under 6 inches in length ~ Grass clippings are not to be put into city streets in order to prevent them from going into gutters


4)  Dogs are not allowed to run loose at any time and are not to be tied up where they can cross a sidewalk


5)  Campers/boats/trailers are not allowed to be parked on city streets


6)  Vehicles should not be parked on/across city sidewalks


7)  Golf carts are not allowed on the walking/biking trail. Please use the Allan Street access to get to Wilder Park and Campground.